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For the head we simply need to change a few setting and select a different texture.

1: Change the body type from Normal to Head. Do not be alarmed when the head looks weird as we have not chosen the new texture yet.

2: Make sure it the other selections are still Male, Adult, Light, (Unless you used different setting when importing the body texture) and Zombie for the name.

3: Select the head cmx file we created with the CMX Builder from th drop down list. (C700MA_Zombie)

4: Now click the "Choose *.bmp File" button.

5: Navigate to the MaleMonster folder.

6: Select the "c_m1mnst.bmp" file and click Open. This is the head image used for this head.

Your window should look like this now.

8: Verify the following:

The flat image above the Choose *.bmp File button has the right image.
The "Import *.bmp File into the Game" button is enabled.
The import Name matches that is below the 3D View.

C - Head
900 - The series number
M - Male
A - Adult
lgt - Light skin tone (or med or drk)
_Zombie - the name after the underscore.

9: If everything looks right then click the "Import *.bmp File into the Game" button.

10: Double check the names and click OK.

11: Click No when it asks you about deleting the original file. (This is optional however you will want to keep it if you are importing to other skin tones)

12: If you are importing it to other tones then simply change the skin tone and repeat the last three steps again.

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