Customer Care & Support:

If you have any support questions please use the Contact Page to provide details. Be sure to include a valid return email address.

Note: For support questions please check the FAQ's first since many questions have already have been asked and answered there.

For all questions regarding registering and unlocking the programs please send the following information:

1: The invoice id for the purchase. This can be obtained from the transaction details for the purchase in your Paypal account, in the email sent to you confirming the purchase, or in the email sent with the unlock code. Do NOT send the transaction id as it is useless. It is used by Paypal for tracking the transaction and is not traceable in the database for the unlock codes.

2: The currently displayed system id in the program. Displayed in the registration window for the program just above where the unlock code is entered. The program must be installed to get the system id.

3: A quick explanation of the problem. Please be brief and to the point.

Please note: The following messages will be ignored. Sorry but these are just a waste of both mine and your time.

- Requests for free copies of SimEnhancer. This includes requests for a second copy. It simply is not fair to those that have purchased.

- Requests for extensions until you can pay for SimEnhancer. Extensions will only be provided for pending echecks through the unlock code page and only one extension can be provided.

- Requests for extensions because you were not able to try SimEnhancer and the trial has expired. Sorry, but you have at least 48 hours from the time SimEnhancer is first run to try it. If it has expired then it is because you installed it and ran it at some previous time.

- Requests for objects that are not mine or modified by myself. This is probably the worst request someone can make. It reflects poor integrity at the very least from those making the request.