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The purpose of this tutorial is to explain how to take skins used by NPC characters in your The Sims game and make them usable in your neighborhood in any of the categories of skins the normal characters use. I.E. Normal Body, Formal Outfit, Winter Outfit, Fashion Outfit, etc.

In this tutorial we will be using the following programs:

SE NPC MakeOver Kit - Extract NPC Skins

SimEnhancer 3D - Build CMX file and import textures to match

Since this tutorial is being created in October we will be extracting and building a custom skin set that is appropriate to Halloween. You can substitute any other NPC outfit though or repeat this to create several Halloween outfits. The NPC skins we will be extracting are from the Male Monster (or Zombie). If I recall correctly these were included in the Living Large Expansion. If you do not have this then just substitute another NPC that you do have.

Click Here to begin the tutorial.


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