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Now all we need to do is import the textures to be used with the cmx files.

1: Click the "Import Skin Textures (*.bmp)" button.

2: Select the following in the import texture selections on the right.


Substitute any above setting as necessary to match the body cmx you created in the CMX Builder. The last setting can be any skin tone desired when using it in your game though. Since it is a costume for Halloween you may want to import it once for all three skin tones.

3: Type Zombie in the texture name box.

4: Now click the drop down box under the name and locate the cmx in the list that we created and select it. (B900MAFit_Zombie)

The original skin in this window may very well have been gray. Or rather a gray X. If so then it was because X.bmp was selected as the default texture in the skn file it was displaying. You will now notice it has a normal body texture displayed. That is because this particular skn file has a normal texture listed in the skn file. We still need to specify the texture we want to import here which we will do next.

5: Now click the "Choose *.bmp File" button.

6: Navigate to the MaleMonster folder.

7: Select the "zombiemfat_mnst.bmp" file and click Open. This is the body image used for this body.

Your window should look like this now.

8: Verify the following:

The flat image above the Choose *.bmp File button has the right image.
The "Import *.bmp File into the Game" button is enabled.
The import Name matches that is below the 3D View.

B - Normal Outfit
900 - The series number
M - Male
A - Adult
Fit - Fit
lgt - Light skin tone (or med or drk)
_Zombie - the name after the underscore.

9: If everything looks right then click the "Import *.bmp File into the Game" button.

10: Double check the names and click OK.

11: Click No when it asks you about deleting the original file. (This is optional however you will want to keep it if you are importing to other skin tones)

12: If you are importing it to other tones then simply change the skin tone and repeat the last three steps again.

Click Next below to import the texture for the head cmx file. (Do not change any settings yet)

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