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The following features are specific to the Makeover Screen. They apply to the selected character.

Sim First Name: (Change the characters First Name)

Sim Family Name (Applies to all characters sharing the same family data) (New with Version 3.0.5)

Sim Bio: (Change the Description or Bio used for the character in the game.)

Reset Thumbnails (Generates new thumbnails for the selected character)

Adult/Child (Change from Adult to Child or reverse) (Not available for Pets)

Male/Female (Change Gender)

Light, Medium, Dark (Change Skin Tone) (Not available for Pets)

Skinny, Fit, Fat (Change Fitness) (Not available for Pets)

Additional notes:

When changing attributes in this screen there will be several things going on. Especially SimEnhancer will be searching through the skins for most operations and randomly selecting outfits. If the choices are slim it may take awhile for it to finish searching because it needs to find both a mesh and texture that fit the new look. In some cases it may fail to find any match due to the randomness and the possibility that a match may not exist. If so the missing part (Body, Head, or either Hand) will not show. Go to the appropriate screen to set it if so. The reason for this is that SimEnhancer has to stop searching at some point to prevent a lock up situation if a match really doesn't exist.

SimEnhancer 3D will remove thumbnails any time the looks will change in the game. This will allow the game to generate new thumbnails automatically. Depending on what expansions are installed it may take more than once opening the game before the thumbnails get added into the data.

The Family Name will be disabled if the selected character has been moved to another family and has not yet been saved. (New with version 3.0.6)

When a Family Name is changed it will effect all characters using the same family data as the selected character. Changing Townie, Anybody, Somebody, Etc. will change the Family Name for all characters using the same last name AND that share the same family data. If you have two families with the same Family Name then it will only apply to the same family as the selected character. For instance you may have two families living in different houses with the family name of Jones and it will only change one of the families last name. (New with Version 3.0.5)

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