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Skin Makeover Kit Guide

Sim Skins Group: Select from each skin type here to edit the skin used for it. For game versions prior to Hot Date you will be able to edit Formal and Swim outfits but will need to use Hot Date or Vacation names for the files. I have included a default set of Formal outfits and Swim outfits renamed to Hot Date names here. For Pajamas in earlier version and children in Hot Date you will need to assign them to the Body type rather than by the character since they do not have records in the character data for them. Formal Outfits can be changed for children in all versions but will require special dressers before children will be able to change into them. Winter outfits will only be available to Vacation users.

Sim Hands Group: Select individual skins used for the hands on the selected character. Formal hands can be changed and the data will reflect the changes but for Hot Date and Vacation users these changes will be ignored by the game.

Age Selection: Changes the selected characters Age Group. Be sure to change the Career path in the main window after you change this.

Gender Selection: Changes the Gender for your Character.

Body Size Selection: Changes the body size for your character to Fit, Fat, or Skinny. Not available for child characters.

Skin Tone Selection: Changes the skin tone for the selected character to Light, Medium, or Dark.

Reset Thumbnails: Resets the thumbnails used in the game for the selected character. This is automatic if a change will effect the way a character appears in the game thumbnails. (Anytime the head changes) In most cases this will correct thumbs that are not displaying correctly. (See FAQ's for more info.)

Skin Preview Window: Preview window displaying the currently selected texture (bmp) at full size.

Note: There is one skin that is oversized in Vacation that will not be completely visible. ("B502FCchdmed_Summer.bmp") This should not effect the game but I have replaced mine with a smaller resized version stored in my Skins folder that is the same dimensions as the rest. By doing this the game will use the smaller more efficient version instead.

Current Mesh: Currently selected mesh (cmx file) for the selected skin type. Only meshes applicable to the selected skin will be displayed in this list. These are usually shared between skin tones.

Note: This can be a source of crashes if the selected mesh is not valid. Skin Makeover Kit does not currently check for valid skn files for the mesh (cmx files) so only use known good meshes. The CMX Validation program found here can usually help identify bad cmx files.

Selected Texture: A list of all textures applicable to the current mesh selected. If there are none in this list then there might only be skins available for a different skin tone or there may not be any skins at all available. This will usually be true if you have just exported this mesh to use for this body type.

Sim Name: Change the name of the currently selected character.

Sim Bio: The BIO button is for editing the character BIO that describes the characters traits or whatever you want to display for the BIO. This is the same as the BIO when you use the game to create new characters.

Import New Skin: Used for importing new skins (bmp files) to use for the selected mesh. This can be used to quickly add Downtown Buyable outfits to your game. Using the Export Mesh button expands this even further allowing you to add both new skins and body shapes as Buyables.

Export Current Mesh: Export mesh takes the currently selected body mesh (cmx file) and exports it for use with other body types. An example of this is taking a normal body mesh and exporting it to use as a Formal or Swimsuit mesh. These are placed into the Skins folder after export for use with Skin (bmp) files. You will need to import new skin files for use with exported meshes.

OK Button: Saves changes and then closes Skin Makeover Kit. Same as Apply except the Skin Makeover Kit closes when the save is complete.

Cancel Button: Cancel and return to the main window. No pending changes will be saved.

Apply Button: Apply any changes made to the selected character.

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