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Formal wear for Sims children (Note: Formal outfits will not work when Sims Deluxe, Sims Unleashed, or Sims Superstar are installed)

For those that want to create their own Formal Outfits for Sims Kids, SimEnhancer recognizes the standard Hot Date naming convention.

For Example:

F 009 F C Chd Drk _Business .bmp
Body Type Series Number Gender Age Group Body Size Skin Color Name for this outfit Extension
B = Normal
F = Formal
L = Lingerie
S = Swimsuit
  F = Female
M = Male
C = Child
A = Adult
Chd = Child
Skn = Skinny
Fit = Fit
Fat = Large
Lgt = Light
Med = Medium Drk = Dark
  .bmp = Bitmap
.cmx = CMX File

Basically the only difference between the cmx name and the bmp name is the lack of skin color information in the cmx file since it can be shared among all three skin tones.

As you can see if you have worked with skins the only difference is the Chd in place of Skn , Fit, or Fat.

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