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1: First Click the Head button to the left to load the head skins into the Current Mesh and Selected Texture lists.

You will see the head in the flat image view above the Current Mesh and Select Texture lists.

2: Click the First Extract button, check the folder and click OK twice.

3: Now do the same with the second Extract button.

These steps are more or less identical to those on the previous page. If the Extract buttons are disabled then there were files with the same name already found in one of the game skin folders.

I'm not going to extract the hands since I have both Unleashed and Superstar installed and the game would just ignore them if I assigned them to a character anyway. If you do not have either one of these expansions you may wish to extract them following the same steps with each hand.

We now have both the head and body files extracted for this NPC. Go ahead and Exit the SE NPC MakeOver Kit as we no longer need it. Then click the Next button below and we will begin modifying the skins to use in the game with our normal characters..

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