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SE3D About

While this screen may not look like it requires much explanation there are a few important things here.

First is the Version and Build number. This will be important when you check back here for updates. Always be sure to check the downloads page here for updates before asking for support for problems in the program. Quite often I get support questions for problems that were corrected months before and simply downloading and installing the latest version will correct it.

Second is the Copyright notice. It tells you that this is a program with which I own the copyright and that I reserve all rights to that copyright. Another words it is illegal for you to distribute it without getting my permission first and obtaining a copyright to do so.

Third is the link to the web site. This will launch your browser and direct it to this site provided it is a common browser and the ISP uses a standard connection (AOL use to provide one that would not interact when shelled out to but they may have changed this by now)

Fourth is the credits provided for those that helped make SimEnhancer 3D possible. This includes a list of the testers whenever they have given me permission to add them. If you happen to know any of them give them a special thumbs up since they play a critical role in getting out a quality piece of software. (Assuming you agree)

Last is a statement to let you know that Electronic Arts has not endorsed this product and is not affiliated with it in any way. It also lets you know that The Sims is a trademark of Electronic Arts, Inc.

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