SimEnhancer Object Manager

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The SimEnhancer Object Manager is an Advanced Object Manager for working with Objects used in your "The Sims™" game. It is capable of working with both *.iff objects and *.far embedded objects.
Read my Cause and Effect Article to get a better understanding of why far embedded objects may be of interest to you. In many cases using them can substantially decrease load times.

SimEnhancer Object Manager User Guide (Click to see feature details)

Object Sorting

  • Browse *.IFF file objects. Including files containing more than one object.
  • Browse *.Far embedded objects.

  • Sort areas where objects will be available in the game.
  • Sort Function and Sub-Function where each object will be displayed.
  • Sort build mode objects.
  • Set Keep Buying mode (Allows you to keep buying objects without selecting them over and over again)
  • Enable and Disable objects.
  • View the main Object ID and Magic Cookie used for each object.
  • Displays file paths.
  • Edit Price of the object.
  • Change the Name. (Does not include far embedded objects)
  • Change the description (Does not include far embedded objects)
  • Clear the object catalog thumbnails. (Allows the game to generate new ones when the incorrect one is displayed)
  • Folder auto sorting. You select the parent folder and it sorts based on function and sub-function or build mode.
  • Far auto sorting. You select the parent folder and it sorts files directly into far files based on function or build mode.
  • Delete *.iff objects.
  • Delete objects from far files.
  • Move *.iff objects.
  • Add *.iff files to far files.
  • Create far files from folders. (Only *.iff files will be added)
  • Extract *.iff files from fars.
  • Include or exclude sub folders when browsing.
  • No limitations on locations that can be browsed.
  • *.iff files are compacted and optimized when saved to remove old unused data left by other programs when they save new data to the files. (Presumably to save time when writing new data to the files)
  • Retain Relative Paths when working with Far embedded files when practical.

Object ID Check

  • Searches all *.iff and *.far files in the game and lists all Object ID's found.
  • Checks each object id for duplicates which can cause game crashes.
  • Object ID editor to correct duplicate Object ID's.
  • When available it uses your Magic Cookie as an option to correct duplicates. (Magic Cookies are not required to correct duplicates though)
  • Prior to replacing Object ID's it verifies that the new one has not been used yet to prevent more duplicates.

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