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Get Enhanced with SimEnhancer 3D - Version 3.0.7 Bld. 307
SimEnhancer 3D is a Character and Neighborhood Editor for editing attributes in your "The Sims™" game plus a whole lot more. Works with all released expansions.
SimEnhancer 3D Features:
SimEnhancer 3D
SimEnhancer 3D
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  • 3D View of Characters
  • Import/Export SEP Files
  • Change Jobs
  • Edit Household Money
  • Change Personality
  • Adjust Skills
  • Adjust Interests
  • Backup, copy, rename, and restore neighborhoods
  • Increase/Decrease relationships
  • Add/Remove Blur (People and Pets)
  • Delete Unwanted Characters
  • Adjust Ghost Settings
  • Change Character Names
  • Change Family Names(New in Ver. 3.0.5)
  • Move characters(New in Ver. 3.0.6)
  • Remove unwanted skins(New in Ver. 3.0.6 Bld. 279)
  • Edit Character BIO's
  • Change Townies, Tourists, Etc.
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  • Change Skins using both add on skins and skins from the game
  • Use Hot Date Pjs, Formals, and Swimsuits
  • Modify Age Group
  • Change Gender
  • Adjust Body Size
  • Change Skin Tone
  • Import new Textures (*bmp files) to use with current mesh configuration files (*.cmx files)
  • Export Skin Sets for use with other body types.
    (For example export Normal Suits to use in Formal Wear)
  • Create CMX Files
  • Diagnose game problems and often correct them.
  • Repairs corrupted character files.
    (Success or Failure of the repair will depend on the extent of corruption)
  • And More!!!
Note: Versions 3.0.7 includes support for all released expansions.

SE Object Manager V. 1.1.3 (Manage your objects and speed up game load times)
V. 1.1.3 is compatible with all released expansions.
The SE Object Manager is an Advanced Object Manager for working with Objects used in your "The Sims™" game. It is capable of working with both *.iff objects and *.far embedded objects.
SE Object Manager Features:
SE Object Manager
SE Object Manager
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  • Categorize Sort Areas (Neighborhood, Downtown, and Vacation) for both *.iff and *.far Objects. (This includes *.iff files with more than one object)
  • Check all game Objects for Duplicate ID's (Includes objects that are in far files).
  • Use the Keep Buying Option. (Hot Date and Vacation feature to continue placing the same object without needing to grab it again from the object display)
  • Edit the name, description. and price of objects.
  • Manage object files with several features including two auto sort options.
    • One: Automatically sort objects to folders based on Function and Sub-Function.
    • Two: Automatically sort objects directly to far files based on function.
  • Easily create Far files from complete folders.
If you are using Windows XP or Later and the Vacation Expansion the ability to work with far objects directly will be of interest since the game loads data from far files faster than iff files usually and it can speed up game load time tremendously if you have your objects in far files.

SE NPC MakeOver Kit - Version 1.0.0 Bld. 50
Perfect as a companion to SimEnhancer 3D.
The SE NPC MakeOver Kit is as the name suggests for making changes to NPC characters in your "The Sims™" game.
SE NPC MakeOver Kit Features:
SE Object Manager
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  • 3D View of NPC's
  • Change NPC Names
  • Change NPC Skins using both add on skins and skins from the game
  • Modify Age Group
  • Change Gender
  • Adjust Body Size
  • Change Skin Tone
  • Extract default NPC skins which can then be modified to either replace the NPC Defaults or can be modified by SimEnhancer 3D for use with normal characters

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Here are a some of the many comments received from users: (Posted with permission)

Subject: SimEnhancer 3D

 I have downloaded many programs for my sims, but none like this, my family are the proud owners of 3 pc's and all the sims expansions, we spend many hours playing, and I have spent many hours downloading extra files to enhance our game play, which has resulted in too many headaches because of bad files. And still too many game crashes because the programs didn't rectify the problems.

When i downloaded SimEnhancer 3D I didn't expect too much from the program, and i was pleasantly surprised, it turned out to be many programs all into one, i.e: neighborhood handler, sim show, sim file cop, etc. it does everything i wanted it to do and more. I didn't need any convincing to pay for the full version, and I will in the near future be buying the full version of Object Manager too. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this program.

You have given my family many more hours of enjoyment in playing the game we all love so much. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to create such a great program.

Many Many Thanks, T. Richmond

Subject: SimEnhancer

Love the new SimEnhancer 3D!

The Skin File Validation is great, I was pleasantly surprise to see it will correct the colors (24-bit to 8-bit).

Seeing the characters in 3D was great too (although the first thing my husband did was to look under a sims skirt). I play around with the bitmaps quite often, adding things or just duplicating bitmaps to use with other cmx & xskins. The 3D tool makes it so much easier to check my work.

I keep telling everyone on the BBS they have to get it!

Thanks!, Ravenmeh

Subject: Thank you for your hard work!


I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for all your hard work and dedication to developing programs for The Sims. Your work has helped playing the game an absolute delight to the Simming Community!

SyrenK, another happy Simmer.

Subject: Thank you so much!!

I just had to send a thank you for every program you have available, as well as all the awesome objects you've created! My boyfriend found your site and downloaded the SimEnhancer Version 1.6 and we have both been AMAZED at your genius in developing such a useful program. He loves the all-out cheatabilty (lol), where I love being able to change a couple things here and there for a little added fun. The absolute best thing you've done is making the price so affordable. We are a two-computer family and so many times there's a really cool program, but the price is so high, only one or the other will get it. With they way your program is, we will be buying two copies of both the Enhancer and the Object Manager. Again, I just wanted to thank you for making such wonderful programs for all of us Sims addicts!

Sincerely, Rebecca Worthington

Subject: Cause & Effect Article

HI Rick, I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing article regarding load times with the Sims. After following your advice, I was able to reduce my game load time from 35 minutes to 5!

Thanks again, Amy (aka Amoir from N99)

Subject: Thank you!

Hello! I just wanted to say I just downloaded your programs and THEY ARE AMAZING! They are the best programs for my Sims I have used. Very clean, very professional. I love how easy SE Object Organizer is make .far files with. I'd never done that with my downloads before, and decided to try it since everyone recommends it. I have lots of other programs I could've done it with, but I was so thrilled to discover yours does it all in one place. I just spent the better part of my day re-organizing and categorizing my objects and then making them .far's. Now it will be so easy to add new files, and I won't worry about downloading as many as I want - the startup time really did get better, and the game seems to run just as smoothly if not more so.

I can't wait to try out all the features on SimEnhancer itself. I'm sure you'll be getting another email from me when I use that for all it's worth.

Thank you thank you thank you! <>< Jen